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Well first off I'll say a little about myself. I am 23 years old, and enjoy computers. Guess I am a computer nerd type. I received my B.A. in CIS/Business in May 2006 and am working towards management in Wal-Mart. As far as spiritual side, I was raised by good Christian parents, and came to Christ early on. Coming into my teen years, I stayed in church due to my parents but pretty much told God, He had no place in my life anymore. Pornography entered my life and I was addicted instantly. I got to hanging with the rougher crowd at school and while I never was a party person, much of the attitude and language came into my life. After years of this, I came to really hate what I had become. I managed to break away from pornography and my language slowly improved. I still wanted nothing to do with God though. This was until life reached the lowest of low and suicide was all I could think of. I was saved, but not wanting God, not wanting the world. Remembering this Jesus guy I tried to find Him but failed. I had wandered so far I could not find God anywhere no matter how hard I tried. This was the lowest time in my life. I would try to find God, then curse His name when He wouldn't respond. On it went until I finally at life's end turned wholeheartedly to God. There He was. It has been a rough battle these past few years, but now that I really want to serve God, He has never let me down. To all of those looking, Matthew 5:6 says "Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled." It is true. I still struggle with life, I am not perfect, pornography has left a mark, but I know that God is there and that no temptation can overtake me except that which I allow.

As far as the site, I had started up Christ is Lord years ago as sort of a competition with my friend to see who could make a decently good looking site and get it up first. This was back in the lower part of my life so I didn't really do it believing the title. I had since let it languish and just recently wanted to do something with this site. I start it new from the ground up and believing in what I am doing this time. Perhaps I can help someone from this, let me know what you think of it or if you just want to talk.


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