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What's new?

5-30-2006: Added 29 new pics that I have collected and been sent over the last few years...

5-25-2006: Updated the home page, About this site/me and Links. For those who have sent pics, they are a coming...

5-24-2006: I haven't forgotten...

4-14-2005: Ooo, long time. Rather than a long explanation I will just say that I moved again, have a slow 'net connection (56K) for the first time in years and have been up to my eyeballs in work trying to finish my B.A. (One more year!) Anywho, one more link is up, Every, maybe my best find yet.

1-16-2004: Added a link to Focus on the Family, one of the greatest sites on the 'net, check 'em out.

11-14-2003: Links! There are more now! Amazing eh? Anyway, check them out. There are many good sites out there on the web (not just this one! :)

10-25-2003: Well, been several months, what can I say? I moved 1,100 miles from my home for one. Summer was packed due to that and finishing my A.A. degree. Anyway I added 3 texts: Stupid Criminals, Men's lies, and Cats & Dogs perspective. Also 1 more picture, God is real joined the group. Next, I hope to get more verses in the mix over on the right and add a few links (Yes, yes I promised many times but I never set a date :)

5-29-2003: Added 2 more texts, '12 Rules for life' and 'Words Women Use'. The last should be required for all men to read when they are born.

5-17-2003: Hmm, well I never promised weekly updates...anyway, 1 new text, 'Darts' (hits hard) and some new pictures, 7 to be exact: Baby resemblance, Cats waiting, Duck crossing, Flooded road, Surfing dolphins, Sweet-lookin' office and What's up there? Enjoy, maybe I will get some more links someday...

5-1-2003: Three more texts were added, $20 bill, New Pastor visitation, and Take my Son. First and last make some powerful points, middle is a funny...

4-19-2003: Made some adjustments to the 'Pictures' section, dividing off the optical illusions and adding some new pictures for a 'Think you have had a bad day?' section.

4-10-2003: Another addition to 'Pictures' and 'Texts'. A humorous cartoon of Saddam Hussein in Pics and speaking of humor, ever wondered if God has a sense of humor? Read 'God's Humor' in the 'Texts' section to find out. Also added to the texts is 'Women' Hehe, 'nuff said.

4-9-2003: One more text added, in light of the war, Iraqi jokes.

3-31-2003: Added 1 each to 'Pictures' and 'Texts', Ladder to Heaven, and Grandma - Acts 2:38 respectively.

3-28-2003: Well, I finally put up a few links to lead you out of my small corner of the web. While there are only 3 right now, more will be coming in time. Send me any of your favorites that you find particularly inspiring and helpful.

3-27-2003: Added 2 more texts, they are 'Christian one liners' and 'Mathematics'.

3-26-2003: A new section, 'Pictures' is now up. In here I have put many pictures I have found on my travels across the internet. As with 'Texts' some are Christian, some are not. I have plenty more room so please send me some of your favorites. I have also mostly fixed the texts I have up to display correctly in a web browser. As most people browse with an 800x600 resolution or higher, I have made the texts fit into this category. Lower resolutions may have some horizontal scrolling to do, but making the texts fit this size would entail much vertical scrolling as well.

3-23-2003: The 'Texts' section is now up. It is still a work in progress as many of them do not display as I want them do, thus making them hard to read (lots of scrolling horizontally). I will be fixing this as I get time, but they are all up and readable right now. Also, send me anything you think belongs up there. I am always looking for new material.

3-21-2003: Site launch. Texts and Links are not working as of yet, I will be getting around to that.


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  For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.

-John 3:17