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Here is a small collection of various images I have found on my travels across the internet. As with the text collection, some of these are Christian oriented and some are not. I am a very multimedia type person so please, send me anything you have that would be appropriate here.

IRS 1040ez2do tax form

Abstract (1) (2)

Arkansas road sign

Anime cross

Anime Jesus / cross

Anime Jesus / devil

Anime Jesus Lazarus

Anime Jesus Last supper

Cat put to work

Creation timeline

Construction - at work

Baby resemblance


Beginners golf

Baby hand (read below)

Cats waiting


Columbine - why?

Spinning cross

Spinning cross (2)

Romans 8:38-39

Cross destroys sin


Crying eagle

Deer up tree

Dog in tree

Do not enter

Duck crossing

Flooded road

Flying dove

Poor Easter bunny

Extreme confidence

Falling cows!

FedEx vs. UPS


Gas prices

God is real

Praying hands

Head bang

Heavy load

Intel inside-idiot outside

Isaiah 40:31

Jesus aurora

Jesus - come to me

Jesus optical

Jesus inside

Ladder to heaven

Jesus in clouds

Jesus for life

Jesus love

Jesus in prayer

Jesus wept

John 3:16

John 3:16 (2)

Keep right (or left)

Lego Church (1) (2) (3) (4)

Mall map for men and women

Mission Impossible: Cheese

New thrill ride

Office phys ed

Revenge of the mice

Pig on beach

Planet forming


Raining, no golf

Running with scissors

Santa catches a ride

Santa missing elf



Light on water

Sharp edged sign

Small fish

Snake - you are here

Snoopy IRS subscription

Snowman robber

Song of Solomon 8:6-7

Speed limit enforced


Surfing dolphins

Surfer / Dolphin

Sweet-looking office

The way

Three crosses

Trespasser warning

Wheelie gone bad

What's up there?

Wide turn plane

Windows keyboard

Worst job ever

Wrinkly dog



Optical illusion (1)

Optical illusion (2)

Optical illusion (3)

Optical illusion (4)

Optical illusion (5)


Optical illusion (6)

Optical illusion (7)

Optical illusion (8)

Optical illusion (9)


Think you have

Stuck Trackhoe

Truck vs. TRUCK

Sliced plane

 had a bad day?

Lucky for the boat

This boat isn't so lucky

Deer in a..........Durango?!

Stupidity at

Crazy #1

Crazy #2

Crazy #3

Crazy #4

 its finest

Crazy #5

Crazy #6

Crazy #7


Baby Hand pic

The 'Baby hand' picture came to me by way of email. A story explaining the picture was attached. This was taken when a procedure was done to a woman in order to save her tiny baby.  While the doctor had his hand by the uterus performing the procedure, the baby reached out and grabbed his finger almost as if begging for help. I believe the picture to be a strong case against abortion, showing the fully developed baby's hand, not a glob of cells as some would have us to believe. God Bless the millions killed...

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  I can do all things through Jesus Christ which strengtheneth me.

-Philippians 4:13